No Hassle,
Globalized Payroll

Pay remote or on-site workers in crypto - easier, faster, and cheaper. Drop the legacy financial system payroll solutions. Take a backseat while Whisp automates the record-keeping for you.

Focus On Building

Your workers choose how to access their
money. Whisp makes sure they’re paid on
time and updates them with notifications.

Own Your Finances

We make sure you're always in control of
your funds. So you never have to worry
about blocked or withheld payments.


We built a easier, faster, and cheaper app to
make workers' and employers' lives easier. You
decide how to onboard and offboard assets.

Reduce Stress

Whisp’s easy-to-understand records plug
right in to popular accounting software.
No more dreading tax season!

Spend Less Time, Get More Accuracy

Whisp takes care of the record
keeping for you. Export a CSV at
any time to update your books.